Tasty Burger

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

rating a tasty burger

it's time we have a scheme for rating the tasty burger

would suggest a points system such as used by the chicken parma dudes

* general flavour (n/5)
* value for money (n/5)
* style/presentation (n/5)
* service/staff coolness and friendliness (n/5)

your comments?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

burger edge bites

A disappointing experience at Brighton Burger Edge (a very long wait for a decidedly untasty and unsubstantial new-school burger) was not enough to drive me to flame (grill) BE. That is, until a Burger Edge van almost ran me over on my way to work during the week.

Enough is enough Burger Edge.

Don't drive out driveways at 60kph;

and don't think that a bit of sweet relish and a high price tag is enough to convince the general public that your burgers are tasty. They aren't.

in your neighbourhood, in your neigh-bour-hood

it now seems criminal that i've not visited Danny's Burgers in North Fitzroy earlier. Looked it up on the web with Pete and the place is only 3-4 blocks away on St Georges Rd near the Holden St intersection.

so we trundled down there and ordered identical double burgers with lot. Sitting waiting for them and looking at the handsome crowd (the walls are mirrored...) you would never guess that this place got the most votes in a recent public poll of top burger joints. Unassuming from the outside and decorated with signed footy memorabilia on the inside we were curious to see what we'd get.

Sure enough when the famed burgers arrived they were indeed tasty and decidedly old-skool. Good slabs of mince, bacon tomato, lettuce etc , nothing fancy but what there was, was done well.

Only two comments, could have done with pineapple on the burger 'with-the-lot' seems odd it wasn't there, and we agreed the patties could be spicier (but maybe we're not standard customers in that regard)

Either way, the 3am closing time, the laid back atmosphere, the proximity and good feed make this a tasty winner. I'll be back... [in a non-austrian, non-threatening type accent]


Monday, July 18, 2005

thunderin typhoons tintin

Postcard perfect conditions on Sat with a cloudless windless sky giving glassy barrels that arced gracefully over our heads as we carved up the mirror-like surface of the 6' wall we were riding with no other surfers in sight...... actually only one part of that is true, there were indeed no other surfers in sight but only because conditions were so blown-out. Big cross shore winds made for a crazy morning at Forest as the more wind sheltered spots could only manage a ripple. Constant upwind paddling left one perpetually in the same position on a day more suited to kite flying than surfing. Didn't stop us though with everyone catching a few or getting blown off the board trying. Joel realised at the last minute that he had no injuries and somehow clanged himself atop his noggin in about 3mm of water.

Another debacle at Tracey's later that day with a round of hotdogs [!] in place of the usual burger. Not sure about the rest of you but mine sucked, burger again next week for sure.

On the upside we dicovered a new coffee stop on the way to Phillip Is. Not only does the Giant Worm (tm) have evil stuffed koalas and embalmed white-pointers, it also has chubby lookin dingos, shy talking cockatoos and decent toasted sangas, nice


Friday, July 15, 2005

billy the kid

fastest update ever after a game. Couldn't have Matt chest beating at the top of the table with one win from one, so had to own him (but barely) in a close game

We're all heading down the east coast tomorrow with promising conditions, let you know...


Thursday, July 14, 2005

episode iii, the backstroke of the west

episode iii, the backstroke of the west

Star Wars III, translated from English to Chinese, then back to English. Blirriant!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Which Doctor Who are you?

I haven't tried this yet but understand that it is quite enlightening. Do the test for yourself

surf noosa


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back Alley Bagel Burger

Sampled a very tasty burger for lunch today - located in one of the city's finest European but not wanky back alley, this little cafe called Jungle Juice serves up not only tasty beverages (squeezed on the spot by expert mixologists), but wonderful smelling soups and sammies.  Although I was interested in the technique of the lovely waitress' squeezing process, the joint is so bustling packed that I feared any distraction might interfere with the procedure and I left my comments to myself.  Back to the burger at hand - an inch and a half patty delicately placed between a piping hot toasted sesame bagel (both clearly prepared right on the spot) with a fine smattering of condiments that were not too juicy with only a four to five drip factor.  A very tasty burger, yet it begs one very important question: Must a burger be placed in between a traditional burger bun?  Does a burger cease to be a burger without a burger bun, thus any burger with an adjective in front of it not a burger? eg bagel burger, focaccia burger etc.  Comments please.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

ol' reliable

Smith's Beach delivers again for Joel, Pete and Lockie giving some respite from the wind. Decent waves across the width of the bay which picked up until the high tide turned them into gravediggers pounding on the shore at about the same time that we couldn't move our limbs (BTW I checked and water temps would have been around14-15deg). Joel and I both get mashed by dumpers leaving Joel-ee with a chick impressing whack on the ankle (should have happened on friday morning).

Tracey's does the needful with some tasty burgers. Pete is briefly voted out of the gang for suggesting we try a hotdog next time... he cried and Joel and I let him back in. Another nice sunday