Tasty Burger

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Immigration: the human cost



Tuesday, March 13, 2007

tasty summer water shots

Here, finally, is the collection of the analog aqua shots taken between Dec 06 and Feb 07

Zombie works it on Glovey's ride

Zombie take on Nirvana

Zombie Jr learns to surf

Glovey lessons


looks like Jolee & Glov



look out Kelly Slater

Monday, March 12, 2007

Hunger vs taste

On the weekend I was again faced with the same dilemma of whether a 'tasty' call is valid when the taster is immensely hungry. Whether it was the 4.30am start to fly to Hobart or the 4 games of ultimate, the dodgy pub chicken burger at Customs House *seemed* tasty in spite of the (only now obvious) lacklustre ingredients and flavour. I'll go with hindsight here and give this a Not Tasty or else one day i'll get really hungry, eat a plain piece of bread and have to blog it excitedly because of the precedent.

Tolarno redux? not worth it

One from our roving reporter Joeleee:
had a huey burger on fri nite and sat right next to the guy and talked his ear off about how much the burger meant to certain people etc. then, much to his pleasure, i went on a rant about what a crap experience i had at the new place - overpriced melbourne standard food on oversized white plates, and that the outfit looked too sterile and was full of old folks. all true, but of course i over emphasised it for his entertainment. all he could mumble was how they're charging 8.50 for a VB and the st kildans will laugh them out of the joint. in terms of review, tasty enough, but certainly not worth the bill - avoid

Cows might fly

Late updates, but important for any readers heading to Wilson's Prom. Estee and I were there two weeks ago, and apart from the sparkling white beaches and the gentle clean waves (that we had to ourselves for a whole morning), there is also a stunning burger joint to be found in Fish Creek. On previous trips we'd made do with tasty grease burgers from the petrol station, but even a cursory glance around that corner would have revealed a little bit of paradise called the Flying Cow Café. They have a lush green garden out the back that you can sit in while you eat your open style burger! Home-made patty, fresh fillings and ability to mix and match a bit with what you want to eat. A pleasant surprise for the hungry traveller and definite tasty burger.