Tasty Burger

Saturday, October 06, 2007

No Nostalgia

Joeleeee’s surprise duck downunder prompted the TB Crew (minus other globe trotter G-Lovey) to cancel all appointments and b-line to the Torqs without even checking the forecast. On this sparkling early Spring day, leaving the fate of conditions in Dave’s capable hands was a wise move as he delivered classic mid-tide, 2-2.5 footers. Even Luca danced an impromptu jig to the big D involving lots of kicking and throwing of sand.

With Zombie taking first kid shift, Dubs and I sprinted out the back leaving nearly enough white water wake behind us for the gromms to peddle. Maybe not the sharpest move on my part given my lack of surf fitness (surfing Manhattan subways only strengthens one’s will), but after a sufficient rest, there were plenty of curling lefties to be had for all. Rotating Luca shifts turned out to be more than manageable and everyone managed to attain a quality level of knackeredness, which of course sparked the merge for a burge….

Sitting in the sun outside Angry Bald Guy café munching on the tropical beef burger (sans bacon as Dubs discovered) was a most excellent way to wrap up the day and without becoming too nostaligic… I can’t wait for more.

Very Tasty Indeed.