Tasty Burger

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Swiss Alps Burger

When you think Switzerland, you think Victorinox army knives, mountains, choccy, cuckoo clocks and a stubborn monetary policy that makes you carry francs everywhere, not burgers. Based on a sample size of one, I can now confirm that the swiss should stick to fondue and give the burgers a miss. Ben, Jane and I try the burger with the lot at a restaurant in picturesque Grindelwald. Ben decides to eat his finger instead cause it tastes better. No, it was a fine burger after a hike but, you guessed it, just not tasty. The euro burger hunt continues. Dublin next i think.


So it isn't my own surf that I'm writing about but the location makes it bloggable. Munich, not too close to the sea, no chance of a surf surely? So what are those bikes doing in the street with bloody board carriers strapped on them? The answer is the Isar River which flows like a bastard all year round (controlled by some upstream hydro plant) to give the world's most famous standing wave. I think we saw it in Step into Liquid or some surf flick yeah? Really funny to watch up close with it all being taken very seriously. Each rider lines up and waits his/her turn (saw 2 ladies there the second day) then jumps out onto the wave already standing, you drift/cut back and forth for an unspoken but carefully respected amount of time (about 20seconds) then you fall off the back and paddle to the edge. Didn't have a wetsuit or a board and not much chance to hire one in Munich but maybe next time i'll be a bit more organised. Note that one bloke is only in his boardies, he managed to drift over to the edge and dismount without getting wet!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sorry aboot th' lang bide fur an update

Few quick updates from the land of kilts and bagpipes! The first is a scottish highland burger sampled with Jen Antonchuk at a temporary stall during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You'll note in the photo the lack of anything in the bun other than meat.... this one was never going to do well and jen's face says it all, NOT TASTY! but edible after a hard day watching shows. There's also the chance to get a deep fried haggis burger at a chippy I saw, so one day soon I'll get onto it.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Big Wednesday on the peninsula

Dub decided to have much needed day off on Wednesday. A lucky thing, as otherwise he wouldn't have witnessed this bodacious swell down at Mt Martha.